Snow Days

December 1st and we are already getting snow! If this kind of news get you excited then please keep reading as we are going to share tons of snow-filled things below. If this post harbors appalling thoughts like early morning cold car to work for you then please visit one of our other stories like […]

Behind The Scenes! Once In A Lifetime

Welcome to another episode of Brisk Bytes, this week we take a peep behind the curtains of the most recent Holler animation. More videos coming up about how you can get started doing animation in Blender as well as modeling your own characters and props. Stay Tuned for more! Below is the video that the […]

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Animating with SHAPE KEYS?! Blender Tutorial

Howdy, this week we continue the Blender animation tutorials. This week is a simple one but a very useful one especially if you wanna get into animating mouths. It doesn’t work great for everything but it definitely has its uses.  Check the video out above and below is the link to some free assets you […]

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Learn How To ANIMATE in Blender! FREE Models Included

Howdy, welcome to another edition of Brisk Bytes. Today is more of tutorial for animation in Blender because we will probably be covering it a lot more in the future as we produce more of our own animations!  Also, be sure to check out the link below to get some free resources you can play […]

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Streaming!? When and Where?

That’s right the Holler team is back streaming once again! While we were away we also have broadened  our streaming repository to applications like Blender, Photoshop and much more! We are currently still setting everything up, but we figured it would be best to let y’all be a part of the process.  So if you […]

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Quick Tips (Series)

The iPhone is a small device with huge capabilities. It has so many functions that Apple doesn’t even do a great job of letting the consumers know what their phones can do. The Holler is going to try to find all of these functions. We may not be able to cover all of the iPhone’s […]

Blender Unchained – Sculpting

Brisk Byte is back and this week we dip our toes into Blender’s Sculpt tool. It’s a pretty powerful too and I found it to be a blast! Heaps better then the traditionally grabbing a vertex and extruding it until it looks like something. I’m still getting used to the sculpt brush so this attempt […]

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Teacher Help

Intro Video Creating a Google Account Google Classroom Basics LOOM SETUP for Teachers HOW TO USE LOOM (SCREEN RECORDING) How to Upload to Youtube (Privately) Screencastify - Setup + How to Use Create A Virtual Classroom With Bitmojis USING a GREEN SCREEN with ZOOM (Be Anywhere) Virtual Classrooms Links and Buttons Scan a document with [...]


Bitmaps are everywhere online. Load up any web page you you will probably see a bitmap image on it. Even the Holler logo you see on this site is a bitmap. We could spend all day explaining how bitmaps and vectors work together but are also their own separate graphics but we won’t get into […]

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