Model Model Model…. MODEL!

With another week coming to a close it’s time to show off the models created this week. While it may not be anything too impressive like the Mona Lisa it’s a start. Plus all these objects and more will be used in some special projects that are in the works!

First, if you look above the “Dr.HollerBoy” image features a few models recently created like the updated mask with fancy earloops and the reflector he is wearing on his head. Well, doctors used to wear reflectors on their heads now it’s probably more of a LED light, which in my time at the doctor I have never seen used.

Models can be found below!

Coffee and Wrenches. A perfect Combo
A bulletin board, pencils, and a little notebook
Watercoolers, an office luxery.

Modeling has been a constant this week and these are just a couple of the models created. More coming as soon as I figure if a video or a story is better to share these pieces.


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