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Welcome to a Tech Tuesday below is a collection of videos created by The Holler to show y’all some useful tricks or maybe just inform you about the wonderful world of being a creative. So yes, no new episode of the critically acclaimed ‘Brisk Byte’ but rather a collection of past episodes that is the perfect recipe to making something pretty cool rather it just be drawing fan art of your favorite character or writing a script to a feature film. Good luck to all your endeavors today and we’ll HOLLER at you later.



“Knowledge is wealth, wisdom is treasure, understanding is riches, and ignorance is poverty.”

–  Matshona Dhliwayo


It’s the job that’s never started as takes longest to finish.

— Sam Gamgee (I’ve been reading to much LOTR)

I could embed videos all day but to save you from endless scrolling I’ll just let you check out the channel and find what interest you!


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