Clones Takeover to Discuss the FIRESUMMIT

Welcome to this a special edition of Tech Tuesday! This week we talk about the upcoming FIRESUMMIT and we also get a clone to give y’all some little tips for having a successful Summit. Please keep in mind usage may vary and clones are not permitted to the summit. With all the in mind enjoy today’s episode! Below […]

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Lets Make A Podcast!

  Welcome to Tech Tuesday! Today we talk about podcasting and record my very first podcast! You can listen to it below and like always you can find the video above. Here is another tip that might come in handy on your podcasting journey. If you have multiple people in your podcast and they each have […]

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The Wonderful World Of Tripods

Tech Tuesday a show on Tuesday about technology! Let us think pods; more specifically tripods, monopods, phone tripods, and gorilla pods. I cut Tide Pods from the episode though, because my camera couldn’t mount onto it. I started filming at 12 years old, at first a tripod seemed intimidating and a waste of time. As time […]

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How do you even use a green screen?

Imagine this, it’s an early Saturday. The new Avengers is out and you can’t wait to see good ol’ Spiderman kicking some bad guys around but suddenly a cell phone rings out through the theatre. Your super focus on Thanos is gone, you left with a feeling of disgust. Moments later you try to focus […]

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Welcome back to Tech Tuesday! This week we are talking about Open Broadcaster Software, commonly known as OBS. You have probably seen a lot of people using this software before especially if you frequent sites like Twitch or like to watch live streams on Facebook. OBS is a vital tool to anybody wanting to Livestream and/or just […]

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Film and Edit like a Pro on YOUR iPad

Welcome to another edition of Tech Tuesday! This week we are talking about filming and editing on your iPads. Big shout out to Teresa Miller for the suggestion. If anyone has something they would like to know more about then please don’t hesitate to email me at

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TECH TUESDAY- Tips and Tricks for Phonetography!

Welcome to a new weekly program created and designed by the Holler and the aim of the series is to highlight technology rather it is through a tutorial on a piece of tech or just to showcase upcoming goodies and what you can expect of said goodies. This week we are talking about filming with […]

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¡Grita Fuerte! Spanish Livestreams on Food, Weather, and School Life

You don’t have to study abroad to learn to talk about food, weather, and your school life in Spanish! These world language learners in Floyd, Harlan, and Knott Counties are bringing relevant and accessible Spanish lessons to your screen this February. Join them by Livestream, here on the Holler, to pick up terminology and cultural […]

Engineering Week Challenge for K-12 Learners in East Kentucky

Engineers Week, developed by Discover Engineering, is a time to: Celebrate how engineers make a difference in our world Increase public dialogue about the need for engineers Bring engineering to life for kids, educators, and parents At Kentucky Valley Educational Cooperative (KVEC), we want to commemorate the week and help students learn about engineers and […]

Outbreak Alert! Engineering a Pandemic Response

Last April, Kentucky Valley Educational Cooperative (KVEC) launched the Mobile Inquiry Learning Lab (MILL) to provide resources to teachers in the region for engaging students in inquiry based learning experiences. The MILL is a 24 foot long multi-purpose learning space that can travel throughout the region. The exterior of the MILL has a “skin” consisting of photographs of […]