Snow Days

December 1st and we are already getting snow! If this kind of news get you excited then please keep reading as we are going to share tons of snow-filled things below. If this post harbors appalling thoughts like early morning cold car to work for you then please visit one of our other stories like the fun-filled FireSummit Fall 2020 Intro. 

This morning Alex went out and captured Drone footage of the snowfields of Hazard. It wasn’t a lot of snow, but compared to last year when the snow didn’t really make its debut till the last few days of 2019 then it does seem like a lot. (Last warning, if you hate snow or even the thought of it then turn away!)

Above is a video highlighting several spots in Perry County big shoutout to those caring for the roads since you rarely will see a flake of snow on the roads. If I’m wrong let me know down in the comments but backroads don’t count.

Photo and video Creds to Alex Smith.

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