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Howdy y’all, Just a quick reminder that if you have a story you would like shared on The Holler simply Hover over your mouse over HOME on any page and you will find the “Submit a Story” button. Personally, I am a visual learner so I drew out the instructions down below. Protip: Don’t worry […]

3D Motion Tracking Under 3 Minutes!

If Adobe Premiere is the cake then After Effects is the cherry that adds that extra tasty bite, but isn’t necessary to have a good cake. However, it definitely looks more tasty with one. With that out of the way, let’s talk about After Effects and what it can do for your videos. Check out […]

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Small Light, Big Impact

Welcome to Tech Tuesday and today we are talking about a light! It’s called the Amaran Pocket-Sized LED Light and it’s probably one of my favorite pieces of equipment right now just because of the size. I’m used to big lights that have to be placed on tripods. Now I have a convenient light that […]

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Learn Blender Today!

Learning a new skill can serve troublesome, especially something as intricate as 3D design. The good news is that we’ve created a tutorial series to make that introduction just a little bit easier. These tutorial videos walk you through creating a 3D model all the way to the having that model walk around on real-life […]

Learn A New Skill in UNDER 2 Minutes!

Welcome to Tech Tuesday a show where we speedrun tutorials. I may or may not have been inspired by the recent speedrunning charity known as GDQ hosted on twitch that just ended. Anyway, this isn’t about speedrunning games, this is about learning how to Motion Track in Hitfilm Express, a free editing software with few […]

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Shotgun Mic Showdown! #2

Welcome to Tech Tuesday and today we are talking about shotgun microphones for your DSLR’s and other video cameras. We also show you the not so good onboard microphone for the GH5, don’t hate too much on it because it does work in a pinch and is far better then some other DSLR cameras. Hear […]

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FREE Video Editing Software | DaVinci Resolve 15

Welcome to Tech Tuesday, a show that sometimes isn’t on Tuesday. Last time we covered HitFilm and how it compares to Adobe Premiere, a program with a subscription-based payment method with no free version. This week we talk about DaVinci Resolve 15, a program that I have never used before till recently but I can […]

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