Shotgun Mic Showdown! #2

Welcome to Tech Tuesday and today we are talking about shotgun microphones for your DSLR’s and other video cameras. We also show you the not so good onboard microphone for the GH5, don’t hate too much on it because it does work in a pinch and is far better then some other DSLR cameras. Hear […]

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Video Editing Software… for FREE?!

If you are viewing this on a Mac then this may not seem like a big deal because you all have iMovie which is a superb free software. However, Window users don’t have many options when it comes to free editing software. Thankfully there are programs like HitFilm Express that serve as a full-fledged video editing […]

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StreamLabs and Stream Deck? What’s That?

Welcome to Tech Tuesday and today we are talking about streams! If you are familiar with my OBS tutorial then this may look like the same thing, and it sort of is. However, this one is made for streaming and in some cases, it may even work better for you then OBS. Check it out and see […]

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Make A Smoothie with your PC for FREE with Blender

Welcome back to Tech Tuesday a show about Tech on Tuesdays! Today feels like a cooking episode except for there is no mess to clean up afterward and all you need is a computer. If that sounds strange to you then allow me to introduce to you a FREE program named Blender. It’s labeled as an […]

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Clones Takeover to Discuss the FIRESUMMIT

Welcome to this a special edition of Tech Tuesday! This week we talk about the upcoming FIRESUMMIT and we also get a clone to give y’all some little tips for having a successful Summit. Please keep in mind usage may vary and clones are not permitted to the summit. With all the in mind enjoy today’s episode! Below […]

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Happy STEM New Year!

Resolutions.  It’s a great time for them.  Even though they get a bad rap since they are seldom followed through, the beginning of a new year is an opportunity to reflect on past successes and failures and to begin plotting new ideas to build on the successes and make the failures worthy sacrifices.  One success […]