Video Editing Software… for FREE?!

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If you are viewing this on a Mac then this may not seem like a big deal because you all have iMovie which is a superb free software. However, Window users don’t have many options when it comes to free editing software. Thankfully there are programs like HitFilm Express that serve as a full-fledged video editing suite that doesn’t limit your output resolution and doesn’t leave a watermark on your video either. The editing experience may not be as smooth as you may get in a paid program, but would you rather pay $20 dollars a month for a software you may use a couple times a year or just have free software that you can come back to anytime and all it wants from you is to make a FREE account.

Interested in HitFilm? Check it out by clicking here. Let me know what you think in the comments below, and if you’d like to see any other videos on it let me know as well. Don’t forget to stop by our Youtube page and leave a like, subscribe, and hit that little bell button so you can be notified when new videos come out!

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