Shotgun Mic Showdown! #2

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Welcome to Tech Tuesday and today we are talking about shotgun microphones for your DSLR’s and other video cameras. We also show you the not so good onboard microphone for the GH5, don’t hate too much on it because it does work in a pinch and is far better then some other DSLR cameras. Hear it for yourself, watch the video above and let me know what you think.

So from the very beginning, you might be able to see the clear winner in this video. The VideoMic was noisy and when my AC kicked in later in the video there was a hum and when I switched to my VideoMic Pro all of that noise was gone. It’s hard for me to even recommend the VideoMic cause of that, but if you need a shotgun mic and you don’t want to drop the extra 100 it works, just be prepared to do some noise reduction effects in post.

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