Emely Sanders – Fitness Forever

This project will create opportunities for students to enjoy an enriched and quality physical education, lifelong wellness and healthy habits. The plan of action is to integrate project-based learning with physical education as a collaborative and innovative approach to the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Spark Curriculum for grades k-2 and a variety of new physical education equipment will be utilized for this project. The class will also partner with the school’s STLP team (4th & 5th grade students) who conduct a daily news broadcast called the “Burdine Buzz.” First graders will become a part of this broadcast weekly by incorporating a “Fitness Broadcast” using I-Movie. Students will teach a physical education skill or give fitness tips that they learned through the Spark Curriculum each week. In addition to the Burdine Buzz, students will share broadcasts on the Class Twitter Page, School Facebook notepad and the Holler.

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