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Everywhere you look nowadays there is a vlog about somebody’s life or their dog. Both of those sorts of vlogs are great and they’re becoming more popular every day as more people gain access to the Internet. We here at The Holler decided to give vlogging a go, but we didn’t want to focus on just one of us, we wanted to show what each one of us does.

We try to upload a vlog every Friday, which means most of the editing and compiling of the footage takes place on Friday. This can lead to the occasional missed week as any day of the week can turn out to be super busy. The videos have been uploaded to our secondary channel on YouTube named Holler Studio.

We try to make the vlogs fun and interesting to watch. So, if you’re an avid vlog watcher or if you want to see what goes on up here on the hill, be sure to check it out. Each week is different as we’re always adapting and overcoming new hurdles.

Thanks for reading and I’ll holler at you in the next post! All of the vlogs we’ve done so far are shown below.

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