Inside Inquiry Podcast – Social Studies Standards (EP 1 & 2 OUT NOW)

Do you have questions about the new Social Studies Standards? Inquiring about inquiry?

Well, KVEC’s Social Studies Instructional Specialist, Kim Sergent can help out.

In our Inside Inquiry series, we are removing the stigma that inquiry is impossible or that it does not meet our learning goals for our students. Teachers across the region are engaging in inquiry, connecting rigor and relevance at the highest levels in their classrooms. This series of videos and podcasts are here to help you find your place and a way to implement inquiry into your instructional practice. Join Kim Sergent, KVEC Social Studies Instructional Specialist, as she gives an “inside” view of inquiry in action.

Check out the video and podcast links below. The podcast can be found on all major podcasting apps.

EPISODE #1 – Kim Sergent, KVEC’s Social Studies Instructional Specialist, reacts to Bethany Coleman’s lesson.

EP # 2 – Practice

Kim Sergent and Bethany Coleman from Pikeville Elementary reconvene to discuss the lesson Bethany taught in EP #1 of this series.


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