Jill Maynard – Personalized Professional Learning

After careful consideration, my Capstone Problem of practice will be “How can I personalize professional learning for all my teachers.” To begin this project, i surveyed my teachers to determine their individual needs for their professional growth plan and /or other areas in their field. From the surveys, i am planning a beginning of the year professional development day where each of these needs will be addressed. Then after the training day, I plan to have my teachers do an evaluation to determine on of two things:
1. If this professional development didn’t meet me need(s), what specifically do i need now to further my personal development.
2. If this professional development did meet my need(s), what area do i now need to explore to enhance my learning. In addition, p[lease provide evidence of how your instruction will change in response to what you have learned.
in the next month or so, our faculty will revisit their professional needs to determine next steps. I also hope to have teachers share with other what has changed i their instruction or teaching due to their new knowledge and skills from the training. Furthermore, i will keep an ongoing update of my teacher’ continual growth and needs to that throughout the school year, i can continue to work with them to ensure their personalized professional learning flourishes through the year.

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