Kim Sergent to Assist in Rural Experience in America Project

A big congratulations to KVEC’S very own Kim Sergent, for she was selected by the National Council for History Education (NCHE) to partake in the above-mentioned project! Kim was selected from a nationwide applicant pool to take part in this professional learning and work alongside historians to design works of public value to help teachers and students examine questions like: What is rural America? How have rural places shaped the history of the nation?

“Her experience both inside and outside of the classroom, as well as her ethusiasm for teaching, will enhance the overall experience for all of our participants”

NCHE Program Manager Regina Holland

Work for this project began at the end of the last year and the participants are gearing up for the next phase. The next phase of this project involved the teachers participating in three, synchronous, online professional learning opportunities in which teachers learned from a historian, educational specialist, and master teacher first-hand, considering definitions of rural America, the environment and geography of rural America, and what childhood was like in rural America.

Want to know more about NCHE? Well, they have been in the business since 1990, and have worked to promote excellence in K-12 and college-level history
education. The organization supports the teaching, learning, and appreciation of diverse histories through advocacy, sponsoring workshops that connect teachers and professors, and by producing resources for classroom use. Learn more about this great opportunity at


3 thoughts on “Kim Sergent to Assist in Rural Experience in America Project”

  1. You could not have made a better choice, she will make you proud. She makes history come Alive and it helps students want to learn more and she has remained in the mountains of Eastern, Ky.

  2. Rebecca Gonzalez

    So proud of my cousin!!! She is a wonderful person and to notch when it comes to her job! Could not have picked a better person for this role!!!

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