• allseer posted an update in the group Holler logo of TechnologyTechnology 4 years, 10 months ago

    This might make for a fun Holler project, we can preorder the developer edition for $599 and it comes with the sdk. Also might make for a good episode for Klay’s podcast.

    • First I’ll say “wow”
      Second, third and fourth I’ll say “Is this ready for market and is it real and will work with a Mondo Board?

      • You can preorder one now in white or black for around $500, and I think itll be like a year before they start shipping. You can visit the link above the video for more details. It is real, or at least it will be.

        • We need to get the tech crew to decide if we want field test and determine classroom/learning applications prior to full release. Thanks allseer. I hadn’t heard anything about this till your post.

    • This thing is too cool. Wonder how many ways you can adapt it to meet the needs of the user. I’m thinking about the ability to tailor it to a child with special needs. How can it be use it to make students more independent?