• Jacob Stratton posted an update in the group Holler logo of Filmmaking (Fictional)Filmmaking (Fictional) 6 years, 6 months ago

    Check out my commercial for whoopee cushions…

    • Haha pretty good man… I would switch out the transition mid video… just keep it simple there.

      • I would but i’m still trying to figure out the 2 minute piece for Bruce’s class, at the moment that takes priority. Thanks for the feed back.

        • If you wanted to…. I have been meaning to build this desktop. Someone made me order the parts, then they essentially bailed on me after the fact. I was going to film the build.. maybe narrate overtop with show notes for a tech tutorial.

          Maybe you could talk @professorparsons into assisting me and using for credit. Just a thought. But, if its not approved you could always help me for fun, and it will make a great holler tutorial.

          • I wont be doing much for fun until after finals and we start working on the studio. I have been thinking all day trying to come up with something to do. I have always wanted to do a detective/comedy type deal and like you were saying about yours make a mini series. Have you ever seen “The Good Guys”? Its on netflix if you haven’t and its definitely worth a watch, its about two cops that take simple cases like a vending machine robbery and during the investigation it turns into some major drug deal or something like that. I wanna do something like that, maybe not for this project but in the future.

            • Sounds very interesting I will definitely check it out. I am here to help you with anything you need man, all these side projects big or small benefit in the long run.

              I didn’t plan on doing a mini series it just ended up that way with the so called cast I have wanting to do more, but I did film the sequence the same day for a following episode.

              It really was Sunday evening they texted and said we can go now, I literally was unprepared and had to teach one guy to run the mic. and had to grab one more as I was hopping in my truck to leave to set up the other camera.

              Just let me know what your thinking I would love to help.

            • I wish I knew what I was thinking, might just get a camera and wing it, i’m usually good at improvising. This commercial is a prime example I wrote the script and came up with idea an hour before I went to shoot.

            • Ok I have decided on an idea, Im gonna take the detective thing and simplify it to a short skit that ill call “Gum Shoe”. Im gonna step in some gum then by some grade a detective work(and dental comparisons) ill discover the culprit.

    • Good work. It looks like you guys had way too much fun in Al’s class this semester.