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    Can we post questions here? I had a question about students who score distinguished? If they score distinguished one year and then the next how do they show growth?

    • Absolutely can post questions, in fact one of the main purposes for this collaboration holler.

      Growth has been a controversial accountability component and will likely always be included due to the value we place on students not only reaching proficiency, but their demonstration of improvement. The difficulty comes because we cannot compare a previous grade levels assessment to a current year assessment, because they are not measuring the same content. This is what causes us to reach for statistics and probability in predicting or estimating growth. The current model makes efforts to project what a student’s growth will be two years in the future by incorporating prior performance, current performance and what would be expected based on others performance. The table below shows how points are awarded based on current performance and projected performance. If a student is already distinguished and projected to continue being distinguished, they earn 0.25 points.

      • I knew growth of students who are meeting the expectations depended on a type of formula. I had never seen the chart or heard the full explanation. This is great information! Thank you!

      • Thank you this really helps!

        • Scoring distinguished year 1 to distinguished year 2 still shows growth. However what if the actual score of the individual child decreases but it is still under the range of distinguished, is that still growth?