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    Pikeville Independent Student Senate Plan

    (Who will this effect?)
    This year we will be continuing many of our past programs, while mainly focusing on getting our $10,000 grant project, that will affect our entire community, completed as well. Besides the grant project we plan to implement once again, an Ambassador Council in our school as well as new Student IDs. The council and IDs will affect the entire student body and school culture at Pikeville High School.

    2. (Who will be involved in:
    We will work hand in hand with our adult Student Senate representative as well as our school guidance counselor and coaches. The coaches will play a big role in the selection of ambassadors for each school sports team and club. We will have them choose one player on their team who they feel is a very good leader and who will be a hard worker for us when we assign them projects. These projects we assign them will be based off a school survey we will have all the students take. This survey will give us data on how educated our students are on other types of religions and ethnic backgrounds other students come from around the school.

    B) Implementation
    We (Student Senators) will send out forms to each person elected to be an ambassador, they will sign this form that will include a pact saying that they will finish their projects assigned to them.

    C) Communication ?)
    We (Student Senators) will be making a Remind Group chat for all the ambassadors. We will hold meetings monthly on Tuesday mornings. In these meetings we will get progress checks from each ambassador on how their projects are going.

    3. (What obstacles will we have to overcome?)
    We will have to overcome the communication barrier that has been a problem in the past. We will also have to overcome the obstacles of making sure our ambassadors are getting their projects done on time.

    4. (Is this a current initiative or a brand new initiative?)
    This is a initiative that has been going on for 2 years now and we will be starting the 3rd year for it this month (September).

    5. (What does it look like now and what changes do you expect to take place?)
    Right now it is a bigger council, we hope to make it smaller and allow the ambassadors to work together to tackle some of the projects we will assign them. We are hoping that making the council smaller will allow us to track the work being done easier. With multiple ambassadors working on one project together they will be able to do it much better than just one person trying to do the entire project.

    6. (How will I communicate this initiative to those involved in the implementation?)
    We will speak to each coach separately and then will meet with our adult rep. And counselor together. From these meetings we will acquire who the leaders of our sports teams and clubs in school are.

    7. (How will i communicate this initiative to those this initiative will affect?)
    Multiple meetings will be held with all the students on the council and we will talk and work with them on projects that will increase our school culture.

    8. (How will i document the success of this initiative?)
    We will take pictures and notes at each meeting documenting how each project is going and the progress that is being made by our ambassadors.

    9. (What support do we need for this initiative to be successful?)
    Little financial support is needed for this initiative. In the past teachers, coaches, and the school as a whole have been very supportive of this initiative in the past years so we hope to receive that same support this year!

    10.) (What if…)
    If we have ambassadors that we feel are not meeting the goals they set for themselves and that we set for them we will dismiss them. We really want to stress to them that this is not something just to do to make a college resume look good, but to actually make an impact on our school.