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    I have quite a bit to share since my last post. As with almost anything you attempt in life, issues will arise. Of course, we are not exempt, and we have run into a major issue with our green house. Around the end of November, a wind storm demolished it. Luckily, with some pleading and praying, I was able to get it replaced. Unfortunately, I just received our replacement a couple of weeks ago, and it seems like it has rained every day since.
    In the meantime, I have created a “green cart” out of an old computer cart and an artificial growth light. We will be starting seeds in that in the upcoming week. Once we start to have some pretty days in March, we will plant some bulb vegetables and flowers for the students and our community to enjoy.
    We have also partnered with the Perry County Wellness Coalition, the local Farmer’s Market, and the UK Extension office to bring a Farmer’s Market/Healthy Afternoon to families in our community. Stay tuned for pictures and more information about this upcoming event on our next post!