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    This year for my grant I want to incorporate the Tiggly and Osmo learning systems and games (Tangible Learning and Play) into my resource room to improve both academic and social skills.

    So far I have only received the Osmo Learning System with the grant. I am still waiting on the iPad and the Tiggly Learning System. I started using my personal iPad so that we could implement Osmo system in the classroom. So far my kids have been highly motivated to play the different learning activities and games. Students will finish their assignments for me (more quickly, more accurately, and with more effort) so that they can “play” one of these apps. So far with the apps students have been able to practice social skills such as turn taking and good sportsmanship. I also found that I can add the students’ personal spelling lists and vocabulary words into the Osmo Words app / game so they can practice–so far the kids have thought of this as a “game” instead of them actually learning or practicing spelling words. I look forward to using these systems in my classroom.