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    This year my goal for my grant was to I corporate more “student led” technology into the classroom. I was able to purchase cps refurbished clickers, a swivel camera and three echo dots. We have had a few speed bumps along the way since receiving our items. We have had difficulties gettin more than one echo dot to work at a time and have had trouble connecting to the app in the classroom. Our cps clickers were off to a great start and then my classroom computer got a virus to which the program was deleted and we have unsuccessfully been able to redownload so far. As far as the swivel cam, this is my first year back to teaching reading and I am still working out the kinks as to how to present and upload ours”mini” lessons for those students who are truant, home bound, absent, etc. though the technology has been somewhat challenging at times my students have been so excited for when we have been able to integrate it into lessons so far. The clickers have provided instant formative feedback and allowed me to see were we are and what needs to be retaught. In addition the Alexis echo dot allowed many of my iep students the opportunity to write a research paper and spell their words correctly etc. I am excited to see where this technology takes us in the future and how my students will grow and develop not only by me using it but ideas they come up with on how to implement it more into our lessons, activities and projects as well.