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    My second grant was for digital notebooks, specifically the Rocketbook has been more challenging seems like. The idea of digital notebooks is amazing! I love being paperless but still having the option of allowing my students to practice those paper pencil skills, BUT there are a lot of outside factors that have made us have to adjust how we integrate them into my classroom. First of all, I have yet to be able to find an extension, etc for my students’ laptop computers that allows them to scan their notebooks into their drive. We have had to have a separate device for that. I have tried to scan their pages myself and then share, but when we tried that it wouldn’t allow them to upload as an attachment into their google drive because they “weren’t” the owner. But we have found ways for my students to use these with their own devices and apps, its just A LOT of steps for third grade and devices to maintain that aren’t school issued. This year has been a learning curve and we are still learning and growing. If anyone has ANY suggestions on how to make these more efficient in my classroom, please let me know! I’m not giving up because having students only maintain ONE notebook is way better than the 10 milkcrates that were previously in my classroom. Not to mention I have still been able to scan and document specific assignments into designated folders within my google drive. My next steps are to make it more personalized for my students so that they can do this on their own proficiently.