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    For my innovation grant, I focused on keeping my physics and engineering class engaging an interactive. I used the money to get a robotics simulation so even if we are not in school, the students can learn to code the robot. The code will run a virtual robot and you can assign tasks to the students so they can do different challenges like maneuver through a maze or pick up a ball and dunk it. I am also getting vernier video analysis. This is very cool because the students can upload a video and analyze the movement of anything on it. It will spit out data for the students to analyze and help them prove their misconceptions are wrong. Lastly, I am using it to get an iPad and load it down with apps, specifically the Explain Everything app. This app is a virtual whiteboard that has video editing and animation options that can make any math in my classes much easier to convey. The problem with this right now is the fact KETS and apple called their contracts off YESTERDAY so I am going to have to figure out how to get this stuff.