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    Reflection of Writing Night at Paintsville Elementary! It was a success!

    We held a community writing night on March 20th. Families participated in a interactive storytelling virtual conference. We had 6 families participate in the event. The Family Resource Center provided food and materials needed for the family event.
    Overall, families who attended were excited and felt like it was beneficial for the students. My favorite comment was a 3rd grade student that came up after the event and gave me a big hug. She said, “Thank you for a fun time and planning these events.” Community businesses donated door prize items.
    In effort to spread the word a flyer was pushed out digitally and sent home with all K-6 students. The high school media class also created writing success video that we pushed out the evening before the event.
    If we do this event next year, we plan to piggyback on the Spring book fair to encourage attendance.

    • Sounds great Jessica. Even though your attendance wasn’t what you wanted it to be, you definitely made a difference in at least one students life and that is what matters. Reflections also help show us ways to do things better or differently the next time. Thanks for sharing!