• Update on my Grant Project for Transitions of Exceptional Students: My project consisted of creating a “Relaxation Station” for my students in order to prevent negative behaviors associated with transitions within the classroom, particularly those involving computers and technology. The station was intended to be self-initiated, and our students…[Read more]

  • As I reflect upon the amazing opportunities this school year brought me and my students, I am so thankful to KVEC for helping to provide those opportunities. Just attending the FIRE Summit alone is an amazing experience! Networking with other teachers, students, and educational professionals from our area is a priceless gift that one cannot earn…[Read more]

  • My how time flies! We are already into the beginning of a new semester, with reflections of last semester waning. A quick update on my classroom re-design using flexible seating….

    One major hurdle we came arcross with the rug I purchased was that it may possibly have induced some allergies in a student and I have currently removed it from my…[Read more]

  • My Grant Project is titled, The Impact of the Physical Learning Environment on Student Learning and Behaviours: The effects of school and classroom décor, lighting, space, and design on student progress.
    As a seasoned educator, I have seen my fair share of educational fads come and go. Many of us have witnessed the pedagogical trends that tend…[Read more]

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