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    My grant was Exciting Adventures for Kindergarten Readiness with Tiggly and Osmo. I used these with my I Pads that I have in the classroom with such an importance on Kindergarten readiness I tried to find something that I thought would help the children in my classroom get ready for Kindergarten. I had saw Tiggly and Osmo from a previous years presentation and thought that my children would benefit from them. When I received Tiggly and Osmo and introduced them in the classroom the children were all excited and in a hurry to get started using them. I concentrated more on numbers recognizing the numbers and connecting sets with numbers. The children concentrated more on using the Tiggy and Osmo then they did in the traditional way. I noticed they stayed more on task and wasn’t worried about what the other children were doing. These products have gotten my children ready for Kindergarten.
    Something that I took away from the Summit and would like to try is the chairs that rock and the individual tables these would be good for my classroom.