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    My 2nd period Global Issues Class (G/T) is doing a project they have called, PROJECT: BEAUTIFY. Their goal is to beautify the school by painting murals in the cafeteria, creating an outdoor eating area for students, adding a butterfly garden near the winter garden, and adding inspirational quotes. The students are repainting old stools, chairs, whatever they can find to sell, auction, or sell chances on to make money for the project. The students are also going to craft Christmas wreaths and trees, and other things and schedule a “Christmas Bizarre” where they can sell their items. What began as a fundraising idea has evolved into an entrepreneurial project. I will be collaborating with the Family Resource Person who has already established a young entrepreneurs club. I’ll let you know how it works out.

    BTW I would really like to see other comments about what others are doing because this is my first year as the GT coordinator and instructor of my district. My students aren’t competing with anyone, so don’t hold back!

    • Wow, that sounds great! My middle school GT students are starting a business making t-shirts and the profit will go back into the GT program and hopefully a scholarship to allow an economically underprivileged student to travel with us on our annual educational school trip.