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    In my project, Kindergarten’s Battle to Close Achievement Gaps in Rural Appalachia, we are going to see if minimizing student distractions, increasing student engagement, and creating a library of digital student presentations increase student letter recognition, sound production, and improve language communication skills. In Kindergarten, children need to learn alphabet letter/sound recognition and how to have language communication skills. We are going to use Ipads to see if students will be able to focus on cognitive/general knowledge skills with the primary focus being letters/sounds and language communication. Our students will be able to use software programs such as Reading Eggs and Starfall daily. We want our students to be able to be both focused and engaged in the given assignments. With the IPad mini’s, we will be able to initiate blended learning opportunities for our students. Additionally, we will be addressing the language communication aspect by creating videos of students reciting nursery rhymes, the alphabet, poems, and sharing personal stories.