• Growth Mindset materials arrived!

  • We have finally received our fishing poles for my grant Hooked on Learning. We are very excited to begin learning our concepts using a new method of instruction.
    We also have received our Raspberry Pi Machines for my grant: Coding: Easy as Pi to begin working on in our STEM class. I believe it will be a great lesson for my students and myself as…

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  • Students absolutely love using the C-Pen reader during their school day. It provides the much needed reading assistance they need with less attention drawn to them by having a teacher read material to them.

  • My name is David Sparks and this will be my second year attending the Fire Summit. I will be doing two different presentations for two different projects. My first project concerns student engagement and using Boogie Board writing tablets for student engagement when presenting information and during formative assessments. The second project…[Read more]

  • As a co-teacher in a large self-contained and resource special education unit, I service many students with Autism and other significant disabilities. While we work hard every day to help our students succeed with their basic academic skills, we sometimes struggle to incorporate hands-on experiences, especially in the areas of Science, Technology,…[Read more]

  • My items are beginning to come in! My kids are excited!
    This year I was awarded 2 grants, Engineer It! and Unlocking the Wonders. Engineer It allows my students to learn about Engineering through Discovering STEM products and building a variety of structures.
    Unlocking the Wonders will allow me to use BreakoutEDU platform and create and use…[Read more]

  • During the regular school day, students frequently need instructions repeated or show limited involvement during initial release of student activity. The Quantum II, a wireless microphone system, will be used throughout daily instruction to ensure all students receive instruction/feedback that includes adequate volume and optimal vocal clarity.

  • Static to Dynamic: Engaging Student in Literacy
    As a Digital Learning Coach, I am always seeking innovative ways to increase student engagement. During the 2019-2020 school year, I will teach collaborative lessons to model blended instruction, Blended Learning Models, and SAMR Model. I will meet with teachers individually and during PLC’s. C…

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  • I was so excited to find out that I had been awarded an innovation learning grant through KVEC. I plan to implement “Making a Difference Through Social and Emotional Learning (SEL).” With this grant money, I’ll be able to purchase SEL materials to use with my middle school students. The goal is to improve our middle school students’ social and…[Read more]

  • With the KVEC’s generous innovation reward, Salyersville Grade School now hosts a journalism class for eager students who are inspired to write with a purpose! Through an application and interview process, new 6th grade team members work together, in collaboration with their school and teacher, to create articles for their local Salyersville I…[Read more]

  • So excited to be the recipient of another Innovation Grant! The title of my project this year is Ready to Read! Being awarded this grant will supply my classroom with two Kindle Fire tablets with cases, one-year access to the ESGI Online Assessment Program, two OSMO Explorer Starter Kits, and 10 Kaysent Heavy Duty Headphones. The Kindle Fire…[Read more]

  • I am so excited to be the recipient of three Innovation Grants provided by KVEC. Looking forward to sharing and learning at the FIRE Summit! Here is a little information about each of my grants. Let’s Move Mountains at Mountain View!

    Physical activity is limited throughout the school day. How does this impact my students? Through observation, i…[Read more]

  • Thank you KVEC for providing opportunities for passionate teachers/leaders to gain support and a platform to collaborate and improve our communities. My project Embracing the Community is focused on connecting and using our community as a learning ecosystem. I also want my students to feel valued and be given creative opportunities throughout…[Read more]

  • I wanted to thank KVEC for funding our Transition Innovation Grant! My co-worker Misty Tackett and I are Employment Specialist at Letcher County Central High School with the Community Work Transition Program. With this grant, we have implemented an initiative called “Cougar Pride, Take a Ride… on the Recycling Train!” The basis of the initi…

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  • The portable puppet stage has arrived!!! My students are going to feel so professional using it with our new puppets!

  • I would personally like to thank KVEC for funding our Transition Innovation Grant! We are excited to see everyone at the upcoming Promising Practices, Fire Summit! Me and my co-worker Melissa Blair are Employment Specialist at Letcher County Central High School with the Community Work Transition Program. With this grant, we have implemented an…[Read more]

  • Pamela Blankenship

    1. It’s All In The Fine Print
    While discussions across the country focuses on education and funding all of this attention has not done anything to increase funding for basic necessities for classroom teachers. As a 21 year veteran in the field , I remember budgets that included over $100,000 in textbook funds alone. Now a…[Read more]

  • I teach a yearbook/media class and through an ARI Grant, we purchased a class camera last year (thank you!) Before that, the students and I relied on our cell phones to take photos. We could not take quality photos in many cases, such as in our school’s gym, where most of our schools’s major events take place, because the gym has such poor lig…[Read more]

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