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  • **Final Post** I would like to thank KVEC for allowing our school to introduce coding and robotics through the Innovation Grant. Our students were exposed to tech that they would have probably not ever used had it not been for this grant. It brought awareness to how coding and robotics are used in society and really sparked interest in future…[Read more]

  • My students got the Lego Boost assembled and have been working on the different coding activities on the app. There are over 60 different activities and functions the robot can do and the students have enjoyed trying new things with it. Our project will continue after the summit, running until the end of the school year.

  • My students are pieces away from completing the assembly portion of the Lego Boost Robot. They have built the body, tested the motor, and will begin coding the robot tomorrow. They loved the fact that the robot involved building with Legos and the interactive APP that was available.
  • Hello, this is Lindsay Stewart at Fleming-Neon Middle School in Letcher County. Our project involves student work in coding and robotics. We are a little behind on our posts because we were not able to begin our project when we planned. Items needed for our project were unavailable until after January. However, our students have began working…

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