• Hello everyone! I’m late on posting my introduction and I apologize. For my grant this year I am hoping to provide a hands on learning experience for my students despite being in the age of Covid-19 virtual learning. My grant will towards a school based greenhouse (for hybrid learners and when we get back to normal) and mini take home greenhouse…[Read more]

  • My 5th graders have taken a deep dive into their hometown history thanks to our grant!

    So far we have used chromebooks to research ancestry classroom ( I highly recommend if you are doing a project of this nature, to view census data, population changes & countries of origin for those moving into Jenkins at the height of the first coal boom. We…[Read more]

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  • Jenkins: Then and Now

    Our innovation grant will go toward a placed based learning project with the goal to create a virtual tour of Jenkins, Ky. Our focus will be to examine how immigration impacted every aspect of Jenkins KY, from the structure of the city, jobs and even the leisure lives of those who lived her long ago. This project will have…[Read more]