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    Hello everyone! I’m late on posting my introduction and I apologize. For my grant this year I am hoping to provide a hands on learning experience for my students despite being in the age of Covid-19 virtual learning. My grant will towards a school based greenhouse (for hybrid learners and when we get back to normal) and mini take home greenhouse kits for our virtual learners, which at this point is still all of our 4th graders. Science should be a fun, hands on learning experience and I hope the kits and our school based greenhouse will help provide that for our students in this trying time. Students will be given all supplies needed to start planting, they will record the process and progress of their personal plants and share with others via google classroom.

    So far we have ordered and received supplies and are preparing the take home kits to be distributed next week! My students are very excited to connect what we are learning to a real life experience!