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    Hello! I am late to the party (haha)…with virtual teaching, and now transitioning into a hybrid model, I have been swamped with re-creating myself as a teacher. I am so excited to announce that Beaver Creek Elementary’s first grade was awarded Rocket Books! This is a HUGE deal for us…because of the “smaller” school we are, and the early age of elementary in which I teach. With the pandemic, what better way to limit germs and the transfer of materials. I will admit, it has been extremely tough getting parents on board with rocket books (and virtual learning in general), and internet access is scarce in our area; so that is my big hurdle. However, we won’t stop, we can’t stop (yes, I just quoted a song–haha!) …still I am even more excited now that my students are coming back into the classroom, and the few that are remaining virtual will now have a way to transfer their WRITTEN work onto the digital virtual platform!! Sooo—STAY TUNED for more AWESOMENESS!!!