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    My name is Rebecca King, and this is my third year as Senate Majority Leader for Pikeville High School. I have enjoyed watching our students find their place as leaders in our school and community.
    A synopsis of our plan: This year, Pikeville’s Student Senate is taking on all aspects of educational enhancement with district-wide collaboration. In order to tackle our problems with school culture, we formed The Pikeville High School Council of Student Ambassadors. A committee with representatives from each club, sport, and grade level that will be assigned a goal and guided in the direction to achieve said goal with financial aid and planning days. To handle any possible shortcomings in Pikeville’s brilliant education, we have also formed a Buddy System that pairs Seniors with Seventh graders in hopes of making the experience of transitioning into High School easier and to assist these youngsters with difficult course material. However, this year, we did not stop at our school. We have implemented a student discount program to increase the amount of students that shop local and currently have around 15 small businesses participating in our economic development and community building project.

    • Would love to have an update from the Senate members on the Ambassadors. Great initiative.

      • The Ambassador Council has met three times now with great success. The council has 42 members representing each sport, club, and class at the school. Ryan has created groups within the council and each is working on an individual initiative based on our survey results. They just completed proposals for ways we can provide support for implementing plans council members have designed.