• I am so excited to see everyone’s presentations! I enjoy reading about the work everyone has completed on their project. Many of my students are using Epic! at home and continuing to read and explore different types of literature and text. I was so happy to see their excitement of reading continue even after school closed in person.

  • Reading is EPIC! data collection is complete, but I am having to completely rethink the way I intended to use this information due to school closure. I plan to implement this program next year, and I can’t wait to see the results using it from day one!

    Has school closure impacted any other projects?

  • Grant Update for Reading is Epic!: This addition to my classroom has drastically changed the reading engagement of my reluctant and struggling readers. Students are able to explore many different genres and topics to discover the type of books and text they enjoy! The headphones and chromebook charging cart I purchased with the grant money has…[Read more]