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    I am a student at H.C.H.S (I am in Spanish 2 A) and today my class is going over Dias De Muertos. It is known in America as the Day of the Dead. The Day of the Dead is made of many aspects. Death is viewed as a bad thing. They see death as a great thing. These aspects will be talked about in the next paragraph. The altars are made up of three layers Heaven, Earth, and Hell. The altars have things like candles to help guide them, and things that the dead member(s) like. The altar has things like food, flowers, candles, and ect. The tradition is very old. The holiday is divided into two days. November 1st is All Saints Day (to celebrate the passed children) and November 2nd (celebrate the adults). The dance in the street, sit with each other, dress in costumes, and some drink.