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    We have also been attempting to make the move to standards-based grading. Through this process, we do reteaching and retesting. One of the strategies that I’ve found to be helpful is allowing students to do test corrections on the first test. Students don’t get the same test when they retest. After the tests are graded, they are returned, and students have to work through the questions they missed, going back to the text and finding the specific text evidence that would have led to the correct answer. They have to put that text evidence on the test to prove the correct answer is the correct answer. Sometimes, I’ve had them do it where they have to look for the evidence and choose the right answer from the remaining choices; other times, I have given them the right answer, and they’ve just had to find the evidence that supports that answer. This forces them to become more involved with the text. After doing test corrections and having discussions about that, we’ll follow that up with mini-lessons as needed before students retest over the concept.

    • Mastery learning for sure! A lot of work, but I know you see more learning. Does Infinite Campus allow you to set-up a standards based grading book?