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    We, as a school and our literacy team in particular, have been looking for the best way to keep student writing folders with writing samples. In the past there have been those paper folders that follow the student along and materials are added each year. This year we have tried to develop electronic writing folders that can also follow the student along. The idea was that there is a shared writing folder on Google Drive that all teachers can access to see what the student has submitted. The individual student folders were shared individually with each student. We are currently in the process of everyone learning how to move a typed piece from Google Docs to that particular shared folder. The student can submit work from any class, and teachers can go check to make sure it has been submitted. We will be revisiting this soon to decide if this is the way we want to keep moving forward or if we want/need to try something different. We want it to be accessible for who needs it, but we also want it to not be majorly time consuming to move and check documents. Having said all that, my question is this: how do you deal with student writing? Does anyone have any suggestions or strategies they are using that work well? Thanks so much!