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    For my capstone project, I want to begin personalized professional learning within our district. I plan to survey teachers and principals for their professional learning needs, and will meet with teachers/principals to get feedback for improving Professional Growth Plans. I see this as a need in our district and it will help me while planning for our district summer professional learning sessions. I would appreciate any feedback and if anyone else is working within this area, please advise! Looking forward to working with ALL!!!!!

    • This is exactly what I am hoping to work with in our district. I would love to be able to share ideas and collaborate on this if you’d be willing. Also, I have a PL needs survey that we did at the end of last year with our teachers. I’d be happy to share as a sample if you’re interested. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this!

    • This type of cross-district collaboration and maybe even sharing of PL opportunities based on PGP needs of teachers/staff will become a model…this is BEYOND exciting. I want to help in any way I can!!

      • I believe this is a need across districts, and I will be happy to work with anyone interested, and the more input/feedback we have will only make it better! Thanks!