Micro-Credential Summit Day 1 – Micro-Credentials 101

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Thank you for joining us for our first installment of the Kentucky Valley Educational Cooperative’s (KVEC) Virtual Micro-Credential Summit. In the video above join Dr. Jennifer Carroll as she guides you through the digital learning systems of Micro-Credentials.

This will be great for anyone new to the world of educator micro-credentials or who still have questions regarding micro-credentials.   The topics include:

  1. Micro-credentials:  What are they and what they are not?
  2. Micro-credential development
  3. Completion and scoring process
  4. What do current research and reports say about micro-credentials?

The June 30 access link will be sent soon. If you would like to be added to the list to receive the link to join please feel free to email Robert Brown ([email protected]) or Jennifer Carroll ([email protected]). Expert panelists will discuss developing, from the ground floor, stacks of micro-credentials to address identified needs.  We are looking forward to engaging in that discussion.

If you would like to view all of the micro-credentials that KVEC offers feel free to click the following link where it will take you to our page on the digital promise website. KVEC’s micro-credentials

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