Micro-Credential Summit Day 5 – States’ Implementation of Micro-Credentials

Presented by: Odelia Younge, Director, Micro-Credentials, Digital Promise, (Moderator);  Todd Davis, Division Director, Office of Educator Licensure and Effectiveness, KY Department of Education;   Alex Dreier, Instructional Design Lead, Research Scholar, Friday Institute for Ed. Innovation, NC State University; Brandy Bixler, Digital Learning Specialist, National Education Association; Lisa Thompson, Partnership Director, ASSET Vinod Chachra IMPACT Lab, Radford University;  Melissa Tooley,  Director, PreK-12 Educator Quality, Education Policy Program, New America; Dr. Sandra Hurst, Director, Office of Educator Effectiveness, Arkansas Department of Education; Dr. Sue Beers, Executive Director, Members Impacting Instruction, Improving Curriculum; Dr. Matt Dunleavy, Executive Director, ASSET Vinod Chachra Impact Lab, Radford University; Dr. Alyssa Moore, Lead-Office of Digital Learning, Delaware Dept. of Education.

If you weren’t able to attend day five of the micro-credential summit you can view the entire session by watching the video at the top of this webpage. For this session, an elite panel of state and national experts describe the importance of micro-credentialing in developing and supporting systems of professional learning at the local, state, and national levels.

Topics include:

  • How are micro-credentials fitting into and supporting systems of professional learning?
  • How are micro-credentials being used to meet requirements of personal growth plans, school initiatives, and/or teacher pathways to re-licensure?
  • How are states or entities defining currency/portability/reciprocity of micro-credentials?
  • What research do you have that best demonstrates the quality or best practices of micro-credentials?
  • What research do you have that best demonstrate the quality or best practices of micro-credentials?

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