Monk Media with Mike W. Belcher

Mike W. Belcher is a writer/guy who draws, who has been in love with sequential storytelling for as long as he can remember. Professionally, he has built a resume of graphic design skills in the newspaper industry. In 2009, he went full time starting his own graphic design studio, providing services to businesses, schools and publishers. He is proud of the fact that he has helped self-publishers/authors realize their dreams of holding their own books in their hands for sale. In 2014, Mike W. decided to bring his own dreams to life by producing his own graphic novel, “Mike W. Belcher’s Man in the Mask.” It turned into a true family project, with his son Aiden helping out by coloring the book. In the summer of 2016, the 110-page book saw publication by his own imprint, AMK Comics, where it is sold on his website. Both father and son can be found behind the table at comic conventions where they sell art and the graphic novel.

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