My Hometown


This poem strikes home for me because the theme and the imagery automatically make me think of my hometown. Like the narrator in the poem, my hometown has molded me into the person I am today. I will take what I have learned from my hometown and apply it to all I do in the future. I hope this poem speaks to you as it has to me.

By Elisha M. Yarmouth

This is my home town

Where I grew up

Where I learned right from wrong

Where I learned that fire does not just burn houses but hearts as well

Where I learned how to mow the lawn

How to ride a bike








How to say goodbye to ones I loved

How to welcome change15355955_1337208319644899_1220528098_n

Where I learned that my grandfather is my biggest example of love

Where I became a country girl at heart

Where I went from a little girl to a woman

Where I will have to leave someday

But no matter where I go this will always be my hometown.

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