My Mountains Mysteries – The Octavia Hatcher Story – Chapter Three; Pastor Jason Johnson

The Octavia Hatcher story is a local legend around Central Appalachia, but not only isolated to the communities surrounding Pike County, KY. Her story is known worldwide, having been examined by such programs as Mysteries at the Museum on the Travel Channel. She is known as the “Girl Who Turned Her Back on Pikeville” throughout many paranormal outlets, having received this title due to eyewitnesses who claim to have seen her statue atop her grave turn from facing the town, to facing the opposite direction.

In this third episode of The Octavia Hatcher Story, we take a very different approach as to not so much HOW this happened to Octavia from a social/societal standpoint, but HOW this could happen to Octavia from a spiritual standpoint. The Octavia Hatcher story is a tragedy. A terrible, terrible thing to have happened to someone, but bad things happen to people everyday. There are horrendous stories that would make the Octavia Hatcher story seem almost normal that we could have covered. SO, being that where Octavia is from, where I am from even, is a very spiritual place. It would have been the same during the time of Octavia there in the town of Pikeville (which has grown into a small city now). So with that, we ask the very, very difficult question in this episode of “how’ this could happen to Octavia from the perspective of faith.

A DISCLAIMER: Neither, KVEC, or Monk Media (Christopher Epling) sought in this episode to leave out other perspectives and ideas concerning faith. We simply just didn’t have enough time to cover other viewpoints. With the time that we had, we decided to cover the question of how this could have happened from a Christian standpoint. We thought this to be most fitting since the majority of people in the area of Octavia Hatcher, both past and present, prescribe to the Christian faith. 

My Mountain Mysteries seeks to examine the story of Octavia Hatcher in more depth over the series of four podcast episodes. Who was she? How did this happen? Why did it happen? What can we learn from this family’s tragedy? 

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*** All references to past living people are merely speculative and based on research into the characters portrayed.

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