NatGeo Opens the door to Adventure for K-3 Teachers in KVEC Region!

Dear Kentucky Valley Educational Cooperative Instructional Leaders:

National Geographic Education is pleased to invite K-3 teachers in the Kentucky Valley Education Cooperative (KVEC) region to participate in an exciting and rigorous, job-embedded professional learning project focused on the instructional shifts in elementary social studies. This no-cost professional learning opportunity is aligned with Kentucky Social Studies standards and was designed with Kentucky Teachers in partnership with Kimberly Sergent, Social Studies Lead for KVEC. Through this year-long experience, we believe that elementary teachers will be better equipped to implement their state standards while engaging in high-quality teaching and learning experiences with their students.

  • Who: Cohort of 25-30 KY K-3 Teachers in the KVEC region (along with teachers in North Carolina and Iowa)
  • What: Key topics include: geographic thinking, understanding state geography/social studies standards, inquiry-based teaching, healthy integration with reading and writing, and teacher leadership
  • When: Fall 2020 – June 2021
  • Where: Virtual platform
  • How: Learn from experts, Implement and test out new instructional practices and content in their classrooms, and join a community of their peers for support and mentoring

Besides a great professional learning experience, teachers who complete the project will receive a stipend for their work and feedback.

We are seeking teachers who are eager to engage in an innovative, ongoing, practice-driven professional learning experience. We believe that this learning experience will lead to sustained behavior change among participating teachers and produce a cadre of teacher leaders who can
transfer their new knowledge and skills to others.

We ask that you pass along this opportunity to K-3 teachers from your district or school. We are happy to have 2-3 teachers from a school or district join the cohort together; however, we would limit the total number of teachers from one school or district in the cohort in order to spread the opportunity more widely across the KVEC region.

Please feel free to share this online application form. The application deadline is October 29th. There will be a quick turn-around for selection and notification of participants.

If you have any questions about this project or the selection process, please contact me at [email protected] .

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