Ron’s Tattoo Adventure in Whitesburg

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You are never too old to get a tattoo. Early last month the thought jumped into my mind to get a tattoo honoring my parents who have passed. I was born in North Dakota above the Theodore Roosevelt National Park where the buffalo roam in the Badlands near where my parents lived. Each summer we would drive from New Mexico or Texas to visit my grandparents in North Dakota and Montana. We often visited the badlands to look at the buffalo and other wildlife.

I have always been fascinated with buffalo and the prairie dogs in the badlands. I have been chased a couple of times by buffalo and have gotten some great photos of them. I got a close up picture of a bull buffalo the day before my mom’s funeral in June. On the spur of the moment, I decide to get a tattoo of a buffalo with my parents’ names on the art.

I decided I wished to shop locally. I learned about the talented visual artist, musician, and tattoo artist John Haywood who opened up his shop, “The Parlor Room” on Whitesburg Main Street. I sent him a picture of the buffalo and met him at his studio for him to finish his drawing and do the tattoo. The video is an interview with John about his work, art, eastern Kentucky and other topics.

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