The Wonderful World Of Tripods

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Tech Tuesday a show on Tuesday about technology! Let us think pods; more specifically tripods, monopods, phone tripods, and gorilla pods. I cut Tide Pods from the episode though, because my camera couldn’t mount onto it. I started filming at 12 years old, at first a tripod seemed intimidating and a waste of time. As time progressed so did my will to make high-quality videos. A tripod stabilizes footage, allows for smooth movement, and most importantly you have somewhere to place the camera during breaks.

Here’s the list of items I mentioned:

Gorilla Pod

Manfrotto  Video Monopod

Sirui Monopod – B&H offers cheaper aluminum versions as well.

Magnus VT-4000 Tripod

Tripod Adapter for MOST smartphones

All of these products mentioned above are used on a daily basis for productions such as FIRECAST, Tech Tuesday, Livestreams, etc.

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