Twitter Much?

twitterWondering how you might easily connect to other educators, students, resources, best practices, and big ideas? School aged kids and teens make up the highest demographic using social media and #Education is the most popular topic in Twitter’s 500 million tweets a day. 

KVEC’s #AppLeaderLab hosts Twitter chats to connect innovative educators in our region to each other and all new worlds of learning and leadership. Their next twitter chat is focused on Coaching & Feedback. Check out this cheat sheet for more info.

Join a #KyEdChat, Thursdays at 8 pm. Follow and tag pages like @KVEC_ARI, @AppLeaderLab, @Holler_network, or @ARIstudents. Use hashtags #FutureReady, #STEM, #EdTech and others to connect to broader national learning communities. How do you tweet?

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