Until Spring in the O.C. – GROW Appalachia

By: Tanya Begley, 4th Grade Reading & Science Teacher at Owsley Elementary

Pumpkins are harvested, canned, enjoyed and finally carved. Their presence is loud, proud, and beautiful. Candles inside them illuminating signs of Halloween, celebrations, and traditions. The costumes are worn, the faces painted, and so as the holiday season begins. That final nod to the growing season. Bidding Mother Nature a well-deserved rest as she settles for her long winter’s nap.

In this October 2020 edition of our blog we want to take a moment and celebrate all the hard work and give thanks to all of you who shared your homes/farms and gardens with us this year. To all those fighting so hard on the front lines and all those that work every day in public service and at home. Showing kindness, compassion, and grace. It goes without saying 2020 has been a test of our perseverance, strength, and patience. We cannot lose sight that every day that we can open the window, see our beautiful landscape, and take in the crisp mountain air is a blessing. “Once in a blue moon”, we are tested. This test we shall also pass.

This is our final blog for the 2020 season. We have been so blessed for our readers and patrons who have enjoyed our work. I will end this with pictures of the hard work we showcased throughout this growing season. Stay hopeful. Stay blessed. Stay safe. See you next spring!

See Mrs. Begley’s full blog post and other posts through this past year click the link below.

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