Using Micro-Credentials to boost Professional Learning

The Kentucky Valley Educational Cooperative (KVEC) focuses on innovative methods for addressing educational and community-based challenges throughout Eastern Kentucky. KVEC is an education service agency serving 23 school districts in the mountains, hills, and hollers of Appalachia. KVEC provides professional learning for more than 3,000 teachers and its staff members are very familiar with the challenges facing rural districts, schools, and teachers seeking high-quality professional learning.

KVEC’s Jennifer Carroll (Activating Catalytic Transformation Lead) and Robert Brown (Professional Learning Lead) were recently published on eschoolnews. A story highlighting teachers in remote rural schools that are developing micro-credentials to overcome geography and connect to personalized professional learning.

Rather than asking educators to spend their limited time and money traveling great distances for professional learning, we chose to use technology as a tool for overcoming distance. We began developing our own personalized, competency-based micro-credentials to connect our educators with new opportunities to improve their teaching and advance in their careers.

Credentials earned by teachers at the beginning of their careers are often referred to as certifications, awarded in a particular area of instruction. Micro-credentials represent smaller, bite-size learning, mastery of skills, and are awarded for the demonstration of very specific competencies.

KVEC’s micro-credentials are available to anyone, anywhere, anytime with an internet connection to the Digital Promise platform. KVEC works extensively with its partner school districts in Kentucky and throughout the nation to help create systems of personalized, competency-based professional learning, which include micro-credentials.

Follow the link to read the full story and look for future stories from The Holler and eSchool News.
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